What Kinds Of Degrees Are Available Online?

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Online colleges have become very popular over the last decade. The degree offerings have become increasingly variant. Students are able to get any major or degree level out here through an online college. All one needs to do is research on the internet to find the most suitable school for your particular career goals. Some of the degree levels and majors are listed below that you can expect to find offered in most online colleges.

Degree Levels

There is bound to be a program that meets your needs whether you are starting out with higher education or you are pursuing a Ph.D.

Associate Degree: This is a degree program that is great in training professions. Most schools offer this two-year course in just about any field.

Bachelor’s Degree: This program normally takes four years to complete. They are the most popular degrees that are obtained through online education. You will find that most online schools offer the widest range of programs at this level.

Master’s Degree: Graduate work used to be very rare in online education. Nowadays the program is becoming easy to find. It helps students attain M. Ed, MBA, MS and a variety of other specializations.

Doctoral Degree: Most schools are not equipped to offer online doctoral degrees however you can’t deny the number of candidates increasing for Ph.D. programs. You may find a few schools that offer online Ph.D. programs covering areas like education, Business, theology, IT and health. Depending on their discipline, students can obtain a Ph.D., EdD, DBA and many others.


Not sure if an online program would offer the major you are looking for? Here are some of the programs students can take through online education.

Humanities: You will find online degrees programs on anthropology, theology, sociology, classics, communication, English, linguistics, and history concerning liberal arts.

Fine Arts: There are criminal justice degree programs in media production, animation, interactive media design, web design, game art, and graphic design. You do not need to attend campus to attain a degree in fine arts.

Business and Finance: These are the fastest growing online degree programs. You will get programs in accounting, human resource, economics, hospitality, international business, public relations, finance, marketing, advertising, economics and business management.

Technology: This is a perfect example of how to use technology by studying through technology. You will find online degree programs that major in computer science, network security, telecommunications, web development, computer engineering, and programming and information systems.

Science: For students who want to pursue a career in science, the University of Phoenix offers programs in areas like chemistry, geography, physics, environmental science, biology and ecological studies.

Health and Medicine: You can start your career by enrolling in an online degree program at the University of Phoenix. The areas that are offered online include counseling, psychology, health informatics, nutrition science, gerontology and healthcare administration.

Education and Teaching: You should take advantage of the various programs that are offered online. The areas that you will find offered for online degree programs include elementary education, educational leadership, secondary education, educational technology, special education and child development.

Law and Criminal Justice: If you want to be a crime scene investigator or a lawyer, you have to consider one the following online degree programs offered; they include homeland security, criminology, paralegal, forensics, law enforcement, legal studies and social work.

You will discover that some of the colleges online will specialize in certain degrees and others, specifically larger schools will have a wide range of courses. This is a clear indication that you do not have limited options in terms of what you can study as many colleges are now offering different online courses. The ones that are listed here are just but a portion of the great number of programs that you can undertake today. World Report and US News are also a great way one can use to search through multiple schools.

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