What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

Published On August 12, 2021 | By James Colston | Health

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a physiological, psychological and physical dysfunction due to which the desire for sexual intercourse lowers down enabling the man to maintain a firm erection for fornication. 

Basically the swiftest and the quickest diagnosis procedures for proper medical treatment iclide 

  1)  oral pills- these are advisable for erectile function that are Generic Viagra Sildenafil Fildena 100 , cialis , levitra , stendra , etc which is even known as phosphodiesteras .

Penile implants – these are devices that get implanted for diagnosing the dysfunctionality .

2) Vacuum Erection devices these are basically pumps that would help one to basically sustain the erection for longer time for sexual intercourse

3) Penile injections – Al prostatic is a most popular medication for erectile dysfunction that basically lead to in vascular firmness automation. Most common and effective type of treatment that are taken by those male incapable of taking any oral treatment, its success rate is appealing .

4)Muse – other males who are even not able to take penis injections and get them operated  through  surgery. they should go for inserting muse treatment that would lead to the urethral opening what would keep their erection firm from 8 – 12 minutes . 

5) Testosterone replacement therapy – it is even called androgen replacement therapy or hormonal replacement therapy. that is basically used for diagnosing the men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction as the basic cause is less flow of male sexual hormone along with the disbalance of endocrine system . In which the pre-existing testosterone get dispatched supplementing it by providing neo hormones   . 

6) penile surgery – if someone is suffering from any type of neuromuscular or other type of disability that won’t allow them to take any medications that are mentioned above they should opt for surgical implantation that would lead them to proceed prosthesis erecting their penises in a pump line manually creating Erection. 

7)sex therapy – sometimes the firmness of erection is basically disrupted because of anxiety or due to psychology traumas or doubt functionality disability that can only be treated through therapy  providing the couples with sex therapy that can only be given by professionals who are trained and has expertise over sexual health combining them with tablets for the therapy . 

8) male hormone therapy – as we all know that the basic  erectile dysfunction is the caused of endocrine activity. this therapy would help the male to basically stimulate their sexual Desire and increase their low testosterone levels improving the stimulation for sex drive but these therapies should be taken if the doctor has prescribed it to the patients . 

9)shock wave therapy –  the basic reasons for the seizure of sexual drive would remain the hormonal imbalance that are caused due to low energy levels combined with other type of low functionality. this therapy would let the male  inbuilt a process called revascularization that would lead to help the cardiovascular system to increase the blood flow providing effective results and have promisable outcomes .

10)Herbal supplements – there is a range of herbal supplements that are available in the market and diagnostic word of erectile dysfunction as they would help us to prevent  the leading to the firmness of the organ such as yohimbe , saw palmetto , ginkgo biloba , etc. 

Organic and non chemical ways to cure erectile dysfunction :-

1) a regular walk – taking a regular walk can help a person to basically regulate the blood sugar level lighten once moods and stress furthering helping to increase the desire for sexual Intercourse . 

2)Exercising regularly– one must do yoga, meditation, ( it is a yogic method for the sequence of learning technique focusing of attention about an altered state of consciousness) relaxation exercises ( it is an active skill that reduces symptoms of stress and decreases the incidence of high blood pressure and heart disease) , deep breathing ( it is used along with the muscle relaxation to calm the mind and relax the body) , physiological  training ( it can provide an active outlet for the psychological arousal experience in the response of stress. Improving the efficiency of heart and the function of lungs , maintaining good circulation , maintaining blood  pressure levels , reducing  fat in the blood and improving the whole body activity is important one should practice these exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes. 

3) Balance healthy diet – a balanced diet with proper nutritious proportions such as vitamins , proteins , fibre , would provide one more energy , feed muscles improve blood circulation level , prevent illness and  improve ones overall immune system . 

4)Monitoring your vascular physiological health  – that basically suggest noting down cholesterol , blood sugar levels and blood pressure .  It would further help one to  cure and self-diagnose their Dysfunction. 

5) Staying slim – person who is Fit And Lean would be able to Deal with this Dysfunction more easily and other health benefits of working out , physiological arousal and the stress buffers  would help one to maintain general mental and physical wellbeing  even then . 

 6) living a non-stress life –  many stress related problems basically occur because of distorted thinking , poor means of communication or unhelpful habits such as perfectionism , avoidance , procrastination  by challenging ones distorted thinking and irrational belief and driving out potentially intrusive negative and self-provoking thoughts and making positive statement by understanding that  having effective communication skills to accept the other person’s opinion and conveying your feeling Matter . 

Other than that we need to understand that like any other disruptive or body Dysfunction such as erectile Dysfunction or impotence cannot be cured overnight. the fastest and the quickest way to cure the disruptor of erectile firmness is to be enough consistent that would demand of taking regular medication and changing life habits for treating and diagnosing the sexual deficiency as fast as possible .

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