The trick of Buying medicines online safely

Published On November 12, 2018 | By George Allen | Meditation

We are all tempted to buy everything online these days – from clothes to tickets to jewellery. The ease of access that it provides is greater than the risk it entails in making the purchase blindly in a lot of things. More so, the large number of options and offers has increased the tendency of the younger population to choose convenience over the trust. The other side to this is the number of portals opening up to sell almost anything. It has reached a stage where you can even buy medicines online – just share your prescription and medicines get delivered to your home at a discount and probably a marginal delivery fee. But how safe is it to buy medicines online and what steps you should take to ensure the safety?

Should you be buying medicines online in the first place?

There are a lot of trustworthy sites available that are selling medications. They also ensure that you do not share faked prescriptions and even take steps to check the prescriptions physically. Since there is a high risk of drug abuse especially due to fake prescriptions, the onus lies on both parties to ensure that genuine medicines are being sold and to genuine people. While you can surely go ahead with buying medicines online if you trust the seller, you should always do your due diligence before making the purchase.

Ensuring genuine medicines and genuine portal

Firstly, before making the purchase, always make sure that the online pharmacy is accredited and allowed to sell prescription drugs. Read the reviews of the website on independent portals to ensure no fake reviews creep in. After you make the purchase, if possible, try and ordering on cash on delivery so that you can check whether you have received the right medication before you share your card details with them.

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