Scope of Online Pharmacy in India

Published On April 9, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Health

The concept of an online pharmacy aims to make the life of customers much easier by saving their energy, money and time. Or else, a person needs to wait in long queues to buy medicines and also in case the prescription gets misplaced, they are in a soup. Not only you can order the over-the-counter medications but also these online Trust pharmacy India stores work on the basis of prescription as provided by the registered doctor to the user.

What are the various laws in India for opening an online pharmacy store?

The scene of setting up online pharmacy store in India has gained prominence due to e-commerce and then there are little regulations as of now but if you are planning to set up your online pharmacy store in India or in any other nation, keep the following things in mind. You must be aware of the laws associated and legal actions before setting up anything new as all the nations have different system of rules and regulations. To have an Online trust pharmacy India you must consider the following things:

  • Checking the prescriptions carefully in order to accept the orders
  • You must have a registered pharmacist on your board
  • All the bills must be also authorized by the registered pharmacist.
  • The registered pharmacist must oversee all the medicine orders that are going out for delivery.
  • And the most important aspect being – the medicines must be delivered from the chemist store which has a valid retail license.

How can you make your online store stand out?

You can add multiple features on your website which would make your website look great and might actually attract people to your page. Apart from putting in the basic features, add the below mentioned features:

  • Email signup form – You can add anemail sign-up form to your online page so that your customers can easily sign up in order to receive the e-newsletter, coupons and discount offers and pharmacy updates of your brand.
  • Mobile-responsive design – Most of the consumers who are accessing the websites use their mobile devices therefore if your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile device, then you may end up losing patients.
  • Option for Translation – Incase your pharmacy is located in a place or a community where there are large number of foreign language speakers, you may consider including options for translation as it is a great way to bring your business ahead from the competitors.

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