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Published On May 7, 2017 | By Kimberly Baker | Supplements

Deer antler velvet is used to define the antler velvet collected from the antlers of developing deer, caribou, moose and elk. The antlers are detached from the animal prior to solidifying into solid bone. When the velvet is harvestedit causes no harm to the animal. Comprised of natural components, deer antler spray is believed to offer plentiful of benefits to the users. It leaves a positive impact on your health and well-being. It can prove to be of great help if you desire to lead a healthy life. This spray contains different nutrients to improve every aspect of your body. The velvet essentially covers the bone and the cartilage of the antler that contains vitamins and minerals of more than 400 types.

Actually, the velvet of the antler comprises of several nutrients. The tip of the antler contains nutrients needed for maintaining medical health. The middle part covers the minerals and vitamins for osteoarthritis and headaches. The base comprises of various nutrients for curing sexual disorders that include infertility. This spray contains calcium, zinc, magnesium and a complete spectrum of amino acids. This medicine must be sprayed under the tongue twice a day. It can also be sprayed on the inner portion of the cheek. This dietary supplement is mostly imported from Korea or Australia. This is one of the incredible natural supplements for enhancing your total athletic performance.

Scientifically proven

The Chinese used this medicine for over 2000 years in a form of medical treatment to cure varieties of minor ailments and conditions. This substance was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat problems like joint inflammation and hypertension. Additionally, this medicine was also used to improve memory and mental alertness, speed wound healing, boost immune system functioning, for slow aging, improve libido in both the genders, balance iron levels and to restore joint health. When tested on Soviet scientists it improved their performance in addition to increasing the strength and their muscle mass. The growth of strength helped them to create new records.


It is important to note that a superior quality of deer antler spray is manufactured from deer antler velvet. These days deer antler velvet is collected from deer farms. Most of them are found in New Zealand. It contains many compounds that are valuable to your health. According to the farmers of New Zealand, this spray comprises of 53{7bf6e181f8854307ba64e2615c0cb747161a12d9173f08e664bd276e999d3c5c} proteins and 34{7bf6e181f8854307ba64e2615c0cb747161a12d9173f08e664bd276e999d3c5c} minerals. The velvet extracted from the upper, middle and bottom portions encloses 20 glycosaminoglycans and 13 growth factors.This spray contains IGF-1 that is responsible for the growth and development of the body.

Some of these products also contain different types of herbal components like Aloe Vera along with other herbal ingredients that can endorse support to pituitary gland system and generations after generations have used them to upsurge libido and sexual functioning. This spray also improves bone strength and can prevent the problem of osteoarthritis. Deer antler spray is efficient in repairing and regenerating injured tissues and enhancing curative processes. It must be taken in proper dosages and for better results, it must be sprayed under the tongue twice a day.


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