O-Shot Treatment – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits and Precautions

Published On January 30, 2019 | By George Allen | Health

If you’re suffering from problems like vaginal dryness or urine inconsistency and have doubts about undergoing a hormonal therapy as a corrective measure, you can derive maximum benefits from Clinique Anti Aging vaginal injections that are widely known to cause minimal to no side-effects while enhancing the female sexual drive naturally, without the use of any kinds of drugs. This is also the reason why most doctors recommend taking injections of O-shot after menopause. If you too are looking out for non-surgical remedies to increase your sexual drive, then hold on tight and read through the guide below.

What Does O-Shot Mean?

O-Shot or Orgasm-shot is a vaginal rejuvenation medical procedure that’s safe for young women in their ‘30’s as well as mature women. Besides, it’s also an almost painless therapy that requires no recovery time.

What Are The Benefits Of O-Shot Treatment?

First things first – OSHOT treatment makes use of the patient’s own platelets cells in order to stimulate the regrowth of new and responsive vaginal cells. The process involves separating plasma cells and platelets from the blood sample of the patient and injecting those recovered platelets in the vaginal area. Thus, the old and worn out vaginal cells start getting replaced with new cells around the vulva and clitoris. The best benefits of such a rejuvenation are given below.

  • Since vaginal cells become responsive, they increase the sexual drive and help women attain orgasm
  • It effectively cures different problems related to menopause including vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and loss of sexual drive
  • It is used to increase vaginal laxity that’s again beneficial during painful intercourse

Things To Know Before Undergoing The Treatment

Whilst there are many other treatments for correcting the problem of displeasure in women, O-shot is one of the safest. The procedure involves using a topical numbing cream for painless injection of platelets in the vagina. The few things that you still need to be careful about include the following.

  • The procedure is not fit for women suffering from platelet dysfunction
  • It is not suggested for women on certain medications including the antiplatelet medication

All in all, you must inform your doctors about your medical history and let them decide if O-shot is the best treatment for you.

On a closing note, the effectiveness of this procedure depends upon the age of the patient. Thus, for older women, it is recommended to take the O-shot treatment in combination with laser vaginal rejuvenation for dramatic and faster results.

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