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Are you currently experiencing a lot of issues with your hearing aid repair services? Is it making you uncomfortable? Increasingly worried? Don’t panic, there could be a little problem with your hearing aid. All you have to do is call your professional for an appointment and get your aid fixed!

Remember your aids has to be clear of obstructions, efficiently powered, and correctly operated to offer the clear sound quality required on a daily basis by the user. Little techniques can be administered to guard against malfunction. This include making sure the instrument is cleaned and maintained daily, it can help you avoid equipment malfunction as a result of issues like obstructions or moisture build up.

Common cause of malfunction is obstruction. Quick cleaning is necessary if the obstruction is not too deep within aid’s mechanics. Here are tips on cleaning the aid; First with the aid of a dry soft cloth, carefully wipe down the outside, do this to remove the built up wax and skin.

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Take Note: do not use water and soap directly on the device, but it can be used to clean an ear mold when completely removed from the hearing aid. Use the wax pick or loop to carefully pick away any debris or wax from the vents and receiver opening but do not press too deep to avoid damage. The wax pick or loop comes with the hearing aid when you purchase one.

Another factor that causes hearing aid malfunction is moisture and humidity. To rid your hearing aid of any moisture, all you have to do is place the hearing aid in a dehumidifier, or a bag of dry rice. Endeavour to remove the battery before de humidifying, as it will drain the faster that way.

Accurate voltage is essential for the aid to get power. Do necessary checks on it to know if you might have bought defective or weak batteries. Or the battery might not be the accurate size or even may not have been inserted properly.

Check the power button, if your hearing aid has a power on button, also check the volume wheel, and battery doors to ensure that the battery is intact. With simple steps like this you will get your aid fixed whenever you encounter malfunctions.

But if after going through all of the above mentioned steps and the malfunction still persist. It’s advised that you consult a professional help. Do not engage in any alternative means or method to fix it with proper instruction or manual.

By having a complete weekly maintenance of your hearing aid, you won’t be always visiting a professional for repairs. Dirt is the major and most prevalent cause of breakdowns and malfunction of hearing aids. Your hearing aid requires a clear sound path for sound transmission to occur. When debris and wax builds up on the microphone or receiver port, it can cause your aid to distort sound, or even get damaged. A little time taken to clean your hearing aid can save you a lot of money from repairs.

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