Lipo Laser -New Technology to Help Reduce Weight

Published On June 16, 2017 | By James Colston | Health

Liposuction is a modern method of reducing fat in subjects that give the user the sculpted body that they had always wanted.  It is a nonsurgical procedure which is expensive but might be a good investment to lose fat in the difficult areas in the body. Lipo laser is a modern day machine of liposuction which is becoming a popular product for use across various clinics.

How does the lipo laser affect fat loss?

The accumulation of fat in different regions or all over the body is a common problem which is faced by a large percentage of the world population. The traditional liposuction by a good cosmetic surgeon is an expensive procedure which might require the use of time, needles, money and most importantly recovery time for the body. These factors may discourage a lot of people from doing liposuction. But there are also painless alternatives. One such type of liposuction is by lipo laser. There are many lipo lasers machines that are present in the market that is used for liposuction.  Like all procedures, before lipo laser use injection of tumescent liquid which provides anesthesia is required. Lipo laser treatment introduces a high wavelength to dissolve the stored fat in the body to reduce it to smaller sizes so that it does not need harsh suction to remove.  There are many types of lipo laser machines present in the market, to find which one is the best choice each should be analyzed carefully before making the final decision. Much information about different lipo laser machines can be found on the web like in, but the facts of the product should be carefully considered before making the final decision.

Lipo laser machine

Lipo laser machine channels a beam of the laser into the body for targeted subcutaneous degradation of fat. There are two types of lasers that are present in the body- external and internal one. The external laser cuts fat above the skin while internal laser penetrates into the body and dissolves fat there and sucks out the broken fat. Most clinics use latest machines in their clinics as it reduces the time of each session and allows more patients to be treated in a day.

Qualities of a Good Lipolaser or LED Machines

The heart of the lipo laser machines is the light emitting diode (LED) or diodes that are present in the machine. It is these diodes that generate the heat which is required to dissolve the fat in the body. The diodes do so by emitting a specific wavelength of light into the body. There are also some paddles or pads which are of varying numbers 4 to 24 depending on the generation of machine purchased.  The latest generation is the third generation ones which are a very efficient in reducing body fat and produces wavelengths ranging from 635-640nm.  The efficiency of the machine depends on the number of the diodes present and not on the strength of it.

Many interesting details about these lipo laser machines can be found on online sites like  Before buying a machine for yourself or your clinic, careful consideration should be done to get the best buy as per your requirement.

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