Known Methods of Obtaining Lean Muscle Mass

Published On May 7, 2017 | By James Colston | Health

Winstrol is a supplement that is used by body builders for obtaining lean and hard muscles. This supplement comes under the class of anabolic steroids that is used mainly by athletes and sportsperson. Winstrol is otherwise known as Stanozolol. This brand name Winstrol is famous in the athletic world for giving fast and stable results. This supplement is derived from a hormone called as Testosterone. Though there are several methods to attain lean muscle mass, athletes generally prefer supplements as it is easier and cost effective. The primary option for athletes to attain lean mass and develop confidence is through a natural diet.

Importance of Natural Diet

Natural diet is harmless and at the same time contains fewer chemicals. Also, it is considered as the most popular and essential method for producing desired results. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and proteins should be mainly concentrated by athletes. The food athletes eat should contain less fat and have stable calories.  Also, adequate rest is another important factor that athletes must consider. One drawback of depending on a natural diet is it does not give desired results in a shorter span of time. Though there is lesser or no side effects, diet is considered as a time-consuming method of obtaining lean muscle mass by athletes.

This is the reason of why athletes depend on a natural supplement called Winstrol. However, it is known that Winstrol produces side effects in athletes. gives more idea on the details of this supplement along with its advantages and drawback.

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Who can use Winstrol?

This friendly supplement is used by athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsperson. Since it possesses both anabolic and androgenic properties, it is a friendly supplement for both men and women. However, the dosage for both men and women varies accordingly. Women are advised to use a lesser amount of dosages than men as it leads to various side effects. These side effects are varied from a slight headache to cardiac arrest. Hence, it is suggested that any athlete who uses Winstrol should consult a doctor regarding this and take appropriate decisions. It is illegal to use Winstrol without a proper prescription.

Side Effects of Winstrol

There are a number of websites that gives more clarity on Winstrol. is one such website which gives an adequate amount of information on this supplement.  This website highlights both the advantages and drawbacks of this supplement. The side effects of Winstrol are more observed when the dosages are not strictly followed. Some of the most common side effects are hair loss, puberty problems, muscle pain, joint pain, cardiovascular diseases, nausea, stomach pain and cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended that pregnant women should not consume Winstrol as it leads to undesirable side effects. Winstrol is used by some athletes for both cutting and bulking cycles. Hence, it is common that it is preferred by many athletes and body builders for quicker results. In addition to Winstrol being used for cutting and bulking cycles, it is also used for increasing confidence in athletes.

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