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Published On November 4, 2017 | By George Allen | Meditation

Induject 250 is the talk of the town when it comes to synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids. This is manufactured as well as sold by well-known underground laboratories. These laboratories are the ones who provide bodybuilders and athletes with steroids and performance-enhancing drugs without asking for a prescription, which is usually a requirement of other suppliers.

What makes this steroid interesting is that it contains not one, but four esters. But is this steroid safe? Since it is from an underground laboratory, can we trust them that these are legit drugs and not counterfeit substances? If this steroid sounds new to you, do your research before you order one for your cycle. It is best to be sure before it’s too late to go back.

The Alpha Pharma Induject 250

Induject 250 is available in a testosterone blend from Alpha Pharma which is based in India. This is also available in other underground laboratories like Balkanpharma. Both products have 250 mg/ 1 mL injection solution. The four esters in Induject 250 include:

       100 mg of Testosterone decanoate

       30 mg of Testosterone propionate

       60 mg of Testosterone isocaproate

       60 mg Testosterone phenylpropionate

The manufacturer’s states that the milligram strength is equal to a total of 176 mg of testosterone. Bodybuilders are using the Induject 250 for up to 8 or 12 weeks cycle. Users may expect a muscle mass gain of 10 to 25 pounds during this bulking cycle. However, you must take note that some of the weight gains will be due to the water retention.

The InduJect 250 Dosage

How you use the product will depend on the dosage of InduJect 250. For dosages, most users would start at 250 mg weekly through intramuscular injections. Then the dosage will be increased slowly as you go along your cycle. Some users can reach a maximum of 1000 mg a week. But the average user would be between 250 mg and 500 mg weekly. Bodybuilders and athletes taking this steroid must remember that substances can stay in the body for some time which can be easily detected on a urine test even weeks after your last use.

InduJect 250 has an active half-life of seven to eight days.  However, it will be different to other users where the half-life will be much longer for 3 to 4 weeks, even longer. Some bodybuilders inject weekly, some will inject every 10 to 14 days especially at higher doses. When you plan to combine InduJect 250 with another steroid, the dosage should be reduced to 250 mg weekly.

What to Expect from InduJect 250.

InduJect sellers claim that this steroid does not cause side effects as long as it’s taken responsibly. Remember that the results, as well as the side effects, may differ for each individual. For better results, you can stack InduJect 250 with other steroids. However, stacking steroids should not be taken lightly. Always research about the drugs that you will use to avoid potential side effects that may be harmful to your health. 

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