How to get away with negative energy

Published On October 31, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Health

Every person is a source of energy. We all have an aura that defines our current condition. A person, who is sick, upset or pessimist has negative energy that makes others uncomfortable while interacting. On the other hand, a healthy and happy person with positive energy is welcomed by everyone. A strong healthy energy aura is essential for consuming positive energy and blocking the negative influences. Negative energy drains out all the positivity and vitality from our life and hurts our self esteem.

People who have strong positive energy are charismatic, happy and attract others. They are successful and content in their life by getting support from others in every situation. Having positive energy never means being immune to failure but to be strong enough to face them, while people with negative energy are criticizing and selfish people who have a tendency to make you unhappy.

Well, as a person you can’t change others from being a source of negative energy but you can try to have a Positive Body Image to prevent negative energy ruin your life. There some methods that can help you in having strong body image and positive energy.

  • Meditate- meditate, meditation has the power to heal our soul. Meditation keeps us away from negative energy and makes us a power source for positive energy. We tend to become a better person with enhanced skills, mental strength, and positivity with meditation. Meditation is the best gift we can give tour soul.
  • Dress confidently- to stay positive in life you must dress to impress, not just others but yourself. Dress according to the occasion and practice common sense while dressing up. The focus must be on looking attractive and not getting unwanted attention. A beautifully dressed person is a source of positive energy.
  • Smile from eyes- when you shift your smile from your lips to your eyes then you become a positive person in a true Smile and show warmth in the eyes when you meet someone and everyone will be pleased to meet you.
  • Have positive body language- never slouch or shift your body weight from one side to other. Rather stand strong with firmness in your posture. It reflects your high confidence level and positive attitude. Slouching and fidgeting make you nervous attracting negative energy.
  • Let your mind speak- a confident person is the best source of positive energy. You should be confident enough to prevent negative energy from entering your mind. Have your own set of beliefs and speak your mind when you are in the middle of a conversation. Say what you want to say and don’t be hesitant as confusion leads to negativity.
  • Train your mind to be optimistic- no matter what we do we can neither prevent rejection nor shun people with negative energy from our life. They are part of the universe and we have to live with them. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to train our mind to stay optimistic. Never stop believing in yourself no matter what the situation comes and speak positively about you before going to bed. Train your mind to accept what is positive and reject negativity.

In general making, positive improvements in life and thought process will help us in preventing negative energy ruin our life. Staying active and positive is the key to success.

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