How Does Plastic Surgery Affect The Immune System?

Published On September 18, 2020 | By admin | Health

It’s certainly not something that people think about regularly when opting for plastic surgery, but undergoing a medical procedure usually has some kind of impact on the body’s immune system. This is mostly due to plastic surgery being an invasive procedure, wherein the skin’s surface is required to be penetrated and the tissues below restructured or modified in some way. The body is then tasked with repairing the wounds that result, and the immune system plays a big role in this to prevent the development of infections. With this being the case, people should ensure their immune system is healthy enough to combat any issues, so in this article we provide some useful tips to help you develop a better immune system response after your plastic surgery procedure.

Sleep significantly improves recovery

Whether you’re getting a facelift or a tummy tuck, a plastic surgeon is required to modify your body in some capacity. Although it might not be fun to think about, being prepared for this is extremely important. there are a few great ways you can support your immune system to make it as healthy as possible in the wake of plastic surgery, and perhaps the simplest thing you can do to enable this is to rest. Ensuring you get a good sleep every night will help your body considerably in its fight against potential infection and other nasties, as well as helping to speed up the overall healing process. As you aren’t running around doing all the active things you’d normally do, sleep provides your body with valuable dedicated time to heal. During this time, it can release hormones to mend damaged tissue, repair blood vessels, manage any sites that are inflamed and produce more white blood cells as it needs to for the purpose of combatting infection. Without proper sleep, the recovery process can thus take a lot longer than it needs to, which will inevitably affect your daily routine.

Take good care of your body

Two excellent ways you can ensure your body is well-taken care of is by eating well and exercising. Providing your body with the right nutrition every day will help to literally fuel the recovery process, and making sure to avoid all the wrong foods is also key to a quicker recovery. Not eating saturated and trans fats as well as simple carbs like sugar and processed wheat will help keep your body in optimum health during the recovery process. It is also important that alcohol be avoided – although a glass of wine every now and then will be fine, excessive alcohol consumption will do no favours for your body. Exercise benefits your body by promoting positive immunity response and superior blood circulation, with these contributing significantly to improved healing. Although exercise might not be possible immediately after plastic surgery, knowing when to start up again is important. Even then, starting out small is the best way to get your body back into gear as quickly as possible.

Look after your body for better results

It should be clear that the immune system is hugely influenced by the state of your health – by ensuring you get enough sleep, have high quality food and exercise regularly (within reason, of course), you’ll be able to have a much quicker recovery after your plastic surgery procedure.

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