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When it comes to selecting the career you want, you don’t want it to feel like work, in the end you want your career to be something you love and are extremely passionate about. When it comes to a dental hygienist, a dental hygienist salary can be an annual pay of $ 71, 530 (median). Some people get confused and think that a dental assistant is the same as a dental hygienist but the pay is practically doubled for a dental hygienist since they know twice as much and have completely different tasks and duties to fulfill. The salary you want is very important because you have to not only love your job, but also love the salary you are getting.Image result for HCSW:dental hygienist salary

A dental hygienist job description includes working under the supervision of a licensed dentist. A dental hygienist is not qualified to make the same kind of diagnostic decisions or perform the same procedures as dentists. They instead person basic dental care tasks why involves removing plaque from and polishing a patient’s teeth during a routine checkup. They also have other duties, which include screening patients, reviewing a patient’s oral health history and teaching appropriate brushing and flossing techniques. Some people may also get confused and either assumes that a dental hygienist and dentist is the same thing but this is false. In fact a dental hygienist performs tasks that are more advanced and independent and dentists beforehand but now taken over by the dental hygienist instead performed many of these tasks. Not only do they polish and explain to their clients the different flossing techniques, but they also remove hard and soft deposits from teeth, use several tools to remove tartar, plaque and stains. The job maybe isn’t as complex as a dentist, but some dentists still choose to do some of these procedures and don’t always need to hire a dental hygienist depending on what facility they work in. normally a private dentist office will have a dental assistant and dentist as well.

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