Hair Transplants – The End of Baldness

Published On September 6, 2017 | By Kimberly Baker | Health

With the advent of hair transplant surgical procedure, achieving your lost natural younger look is no longer a matter of high aspiration. Day by day, the cost of this unique surgical procedure is becoming within the reach of everybody. The most common type of baldness observed especially in men is male pattern baldness which is caused due to a genetic problem. In spite of numerous alternative treatments available in the market, there is no wonder that hair transplantation is the most popular way to get the permanent solution for male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplantation is such a cosmetic surgical procedure which will give hundred percent assurances to regain permanent natural regeneration of hair in the hair thinning zone or bald area. It is the most appropriate treatment for male pattern baldness.But this surgical procedure also helps to recover hair loss caused due to scars, surgery or burns. For example, the hair transplant may also be used for regrowth of hair in the beard area, pubic area and also even in eyelashes and eyebrows.

India is no longer considered to be backward in medical infrastructure. Like all other treatments, hair transplantation is gaining popularity day by day in India. And being the capital of India, Delhi is becoming one of the most preferable destinations for hair transplantation. Many reputed and recognized clinics consisting of well experienced doctors offer best possible hair loss treatment which will also suit your budget. So, come to Delhi and avail the excellent service in hair transplant surgery in Delhi and enjoy your lost youthfulness! As a matter of fact, hair transplantation costs in India are also within your budget.

Common methods of Hair Transplantation technologies:

Hair follicles are extracted from the rear portion of the scalp known as donor area. These extracted follicles are then grafted on the portion of scalp where the baldness is prominent called as recipient area. The two most popular methods of hair transplantation available in Delhi are as described below-

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


In FUT surgery is done by extraction of the entire strip of hair from the donor area of the scalp. After extraction, stitches are done carefully on donor area leaving linear scar lines. These extracted strips are then grafted on the affected portion of the scalp that is called recipient zone. Normally, small follicular units containing single to four hairs are grafted at a time.


Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a more popular nowadays. In this type of hair transplant technique, hair follicles are extracted from donor area in small round punch at a time. These follicular unit grafts consisting of 2, 3 and 4 hair groupings, are then transplanted into the bald area.

FUE is a newer process compared to FUT and has some advantages as listed below-

  • FUE is painless and stitch-less surgery.
  • No possibility of developing scars.
  • Recovery is faster than FUT.
  • Provides utterly natural looks.

In either procedure of hair transplantation, surgeon generally applies local anaesthesia. During one session, average 2500 hair follicles are implanted in the bald area for treating male pattern baldness.

Few points of Hair Transplantation- A patient should be aware of:

Hair transplantation is a surgical method that helps to regenerate hair on bald area and regain your youthfulness. Also, newly regenerated hair does not need any special care or maintenance. But like all other surgical treatments, hair transplantation also has some constraints as listed below-

  • A thorough medical check-up is necessary before undergoing this surgery.
  • In case of male pattern baldness caused by heredity, hair loss may be observed even after surgery.
  • Local anaesthesia is used for this kind of treatment. The success of hair transplant largely depends on the quality of patient’s donor area.
  • Recovery is not seen overnight. It takes 8 to 10 months for the complete recovery so it is time bound.

Cost of Hair Transplantation in Delhi:

Are you worried about the cost impact of hair transplant surgery? Do you think these are only a matter of high profile people? Hair transplant clinics in Delhi offers services in a quite cheap and competitive rate as compared to other cities in India. So, don’t bear an idea that hair transplantation will be heavy for your pocket. Cost may vary between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 80,000/- in Delhi. However this cost is dependent on the baldness level of the patient and the number of grafts required per session. Additional costs may be incurred due to medicines required for pre and post-surgery. Day by day, Delhi is becoming a hot hub for hair transplantation with best possible facilities at a reasonable rate.


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