Hair Transplant Repair Cases in India

Published On December 9, 2017 | By Kimberly Baker | Health

The procedure of hair transplant repair refers to the technique that implies the revision session for the bad hair transplant. The hair transplant repair procedure is the way of improving the bad hair transplant by removing the wrongly placed grafts and fills the hair loss affected area with re-implantation of hair roots with a separate session of hair restoration. It is recommended by the expert Surgeon and Doctor that the procedure revision hair transplant case must be performed by the skilled hand in order to get the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

Nowadays, with the improvement of technique and development in the expertise, the knowledge and skill-power outsourcing opens the lock of many impossibilities and difficulties that pave the way for the best practices, whether in the Medical world or any other associated field development. And, hair transplant repair is one of those surgeries that are being practiced in the Plastic & Cosmetic surgery world with enormous rate, especially performed by the expert Surgeon and given the benefits to a number of hair losses or victim of bad hair transplant patients globally. The role of revision hair transplant cannot be underestimated as it re-achieved your original looks and the procedure needs an extreme sense of artistic skills, practical knowledge as well as the realistic approach & logical abilities from the Surgeons’ side in order to give the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

The best Surgeons & Doctor giving their best in the field of hair restoration for many years in India with the utmost aesthetic results at an affordable cost of the services and that’s why the hair transplant in India is chosen by both the national & international patients as a prime selection for receiving the procedure.

Why & When the Hair Transplant Repair is needed?

The repair case of restoration procedure is something different from the regular hair transplant procedure as it needs an extreme artistic sense & skills along with the knowledge and expertise regarding even a tiny movement of the hair follicles placement. However, it is important to know why & when the hair transplant repair is required!

Why is the Hair Transplant Repair needed?

The hair transplant repair is needed to improve the appearance of poorly or wrongly placed grafts, especially in the area of top & front of the scalp. The aim of receiving the revision or repair hair transplant session to improve the hair graft placement, appearance as an undetectable hair transplant results by removing the pluggy or chubby graft placement, especially from the top and frontal area of the scalp that gives an unnatural look.

When is the Hair Transplant Repair needed?

  1. For Wrongly Placed Graft: The repair case is needed when the first hair transplant went wrong due to the wrong placement of grafts, especially on the top and front area of the scalp, which gives an unnatural result of the procedure. The implantation of grafts and their planning while making slit is two important tasks and most concerning steps of the hair transplant procedure that needs a careful decision, precision of the work, and logical decision from the Surgeons’ side to meet the desired aesthetic goal of the procedure. So, it is advisable to take the repair hair transplant procedure only from the expert hair transplant Surgeon.
  2. For Removing the Donor Site Scarring: The repair case is needed when there is any scar left in the donor area or recipient area due to the wrong method of extraction for the grafts. It is an important task to extract the grafts from the donor area in such a manner that there won’t any scar effect after the procedure and if so the procedure result is called as a bad hair transplant. The expert Surgeon uses the FUT technique in most of the cases followed by the Trichophytic closure in order to reduce the scars up to zero level and gives a scarless hair transplant result.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant repair needs an expert hand and that Surgeon who has expertise in the same field with outstanding results and have many years of experience because it is a completely artistic job to reform a bad hair transplant. The repair cases arise mainly due to the wrong angle & direction while placing the hair follicles and a wrong selection of graft for a particular site placement, i.e., top & front area of the scalp.

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