Food and headaches: don’t ignore this relationship

Published On December 12, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Health

This is a subject little explored by health professionals. So I bet the answer is “no”.

Headaches are much more attributed to issues like stress, poor sleep or some pathology. From there, the path is quite obvious: the use of medicines. Focus on silencing symptoms without addressing the causes. 

I’ve already talked about this topic here.The good news is that you can get rid of headaches by taking care of your food. If you want more productivity and better relationships without damaging your health, read this article to the end.

What links food to headaches

The constant headache usually has a background of a food problem. When this pain is accompanied by severe fatigue , the chances of having a relationship with some imbalance in food are even greater.

There is likely to be some food draining that person’s energy . But, how do we know what causes the headache? It is necessary to investigate the intestinal source.

Yes! Headaches can be caused by some dysfunction that food causes not directly in the brain, but indirectly via the intestine.

When an item consumed requires a high dose of energy to be processed by the body, the constant headache along with fatigue is one of the consequences.

When investigating the intestinal source, it is necessary to detect which is the food – or the group of foods – that causes a greater energetic wear in the place, affecting the head region.

What foods cause headaches?

Foods with an inflammatory action in one person may not have the same effect in another. This is a very individual issue.

However, it is clear that some food groups are more likely to cause this type of discomfort. Here, there are mainly allergens . Even if you don’t have any allergies or intolerances.

Especially foods that, in addition to having lactose, still undergo processing, are great candidates for villains of your headache.

The same goes for gluten. It is present in virtually all foods based on wheat flour . Together with ingredients that usually accompany it, such as sugar and peanuts , it can trigger migraine attacks.

There are some industrialized items that should also be avoided by those with headaches, such as aspartame, monosodium glutamate, preservatives and dyes.

Should I change my diet on my own?

Maintaining medical and nutritional monitoring is very important to implement changes in your diet. All you don’t need when you suffer from migraines and headaches is to get even more sick from poor diet.

I advise my patients to stop consuming some of these food groups for a while and observe how they feel. It is common that when you stop consuming gluten, lactose or industrialized, the headaches disappear or at least become lighter.

As I explained above, the reaction of the organism is very particular. So cut one group at a time. Thus, you control the aggression to your gut that triggers the processes of headaches and can identify exactly what does not suit your body.

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