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Published On October 9, 2018 | By George Allen | Health

As beauty trends evolve every season, women are paying closer attention to the fine details, increasingly considering whether there is an ideal size of breasts and areola. Other procedures that are equally popular include facial plastic surgery, nose jobs, and rhinoplasty.


Like a magic wand, Plastic Surgery helps patients rejuvenate their looks, through a surgical process of reconstruction, restoration, and alteration of body tissues. There are two types:

  • Reconstructive surgery that aims at repairing or improving functionality including the treatment of burns, microsurgery, hand surgery, and craniofacial surgery.
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic surgery that improves the appearance of the body part or removes signs of ageing.

In 2007 alone, close to 12 million procedures were performed with the five most common being liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and reduction. A decade later, this figure has gone up a significant figure, in a billion-dollar industry recently rocked by the mushrooming of crooks out to exploit desperate patients.  Why?

Reasons for Breast Augmentation

As it’s normal for areolas to stretch during breast growth, aging, pregnancy or breastfeeding, areola reduction is increasingly becoming a popular solution for young women, as it makes the breasts look youthful, attractive, and balanced. Every month, tens of women of all ages walk into the aesthetic surgery institute, and are taken through a free medical evaluation to decide on the best remedy.

After a breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, or liposuction, the proportions of the nipples to the breasts are altered. Cosmetic surgeons recommend resizing the areola to fit the new contours around the nipple. Other than the goal to reduce the size, women desire to correct issues such as long or droopy nipples.


Through a convenient and comprehensive no-interest financing, you can now worry less about how you’re going to foot the medical bills. The terms of this arrangement can be discussed over a consultation with doctors, and the procedures and treatment are done while being mindful of your work schedule.

After a surgical procedure, you can usually perform light tasks, and within three days report back to work without any complications. All the bruising and marks will usually fade away in just a few weeks. Our surgeons operate cosmetic procedures on site under local anesthesia, within a hygienic environment.

Our 15 years’ experience in performing diverse plastic surgery procedures on patients in Houston and surrounding states has earned us a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations. At the Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we treat you like family, and walk with you towards full recovery.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons boast a broad wealth of experience in plastic surgery procedures. Schedule a consultation today and take your first step to a full body transformation!

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