Dental Anxiety Can Be Overcome With An Empathic Dentist

Published On September 19, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Health

The fear of the dentist as a significant factor leading to the avoidance of dental care services. According to a British dental association, about 25% of British people undergo dental phobia and fear. If you fear visiting the dentist, you’re not alone; many other people are battling the same problem. Luckily, there are various dental fear and anxiety specialists who can help you overcome your fears.

How can you deal with dental fear?

There are various causes of dental fear, and these vary from one person to another. Dental anxiety can present as shortness of breath, anger, intense emotions accompanied by crying, and high blood pressure. Although visiting the dentist or orthodontics can be frightful, there are many ways of dealing with this.


  • Go for routine dental checkups.


Regular dental visits not only help avert most dental problems but also help alleviate dental fear. Taking care of your teeth ensures better oral health, decreasing the need for most dental procedures. Visit your dentist every six months, and establish trust with your health provider. This way, it will be easier to talk to the dentist and discuss any issues that you may be facing.


  • Open communication


Having open communication with your dentist can make your visit more comfortable and pleasurable. Speak to your dentist about your fears during the appointment. It will help you feel at ease and allow the doctor to share ideas to make you more relaxed. It also lets the dentist conducting the procedure to be friendlier and take breaks if needed. 


  • Steady breathing


Try out relaxation techniques and yoga exercises before your appointment. They can help you calm down and feel less anxious. Take slow deep breaths as you wait to see the orthodontist and ask your doctor for anything else that makes you relax.

What can an empathic dentist do?

A dental visit isn’t one of those health-related appointments that many look forward to. It can lead to persistent fear and, worse, still skipping crucial appointments. However, the attitude of the dentist determines the experience of the patient. 

Most patients feel better venting out their fears, and this is only possible with an empathetic dentist. A dentist who listens a lot will establish a rapport with you. They will make you feel better, relaxed, and more comfortable, which helps ease tension.

 They are also likely to be gentle and will take breaks to find out how the patient feels. In severe cases, this may not be enough, hence the need to seek anxiety treatment options in Melbourne. The counselors and therapists can help with your fears and any other life events contributing to your anxious state.

Things that dentists can do to be more empathetic include maintaining eye contact, memorizing the patients’ names, spending more time with the patients, Showing support, listening, and getting feedback on the services offered.

Final thoughts

Dental anxiety is prevalent among many, and the dentist has a notable role to play. A caring dentist is likely to listen and take into account your fears. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable, making the entire experience less frightful.


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