All You Should Know About Alcoholics Nose

Published On October 2, 2021 | By Clare Louise | Health

The medical term of the alcoholic nose is rhinophyma. The result of this condition will make the nose get a bump, red as well as swollen. It will make the pores on the nose enlarge. Along with that, the eyes also become dry. This is what is called an alcoholics nose as it turns the nose purple. It is known as the purple nose. It will affect the overall parts of the face, like the cheeks.

However, the reason behind rhinophyma is all because of drinking excessive alcohol. But according to a recent study, this condition doesn’t have any connection with alcohol consumption. No matter what, you should know rhinophyma certainly.

Is True Drinking Excess Alcohol Cause Rhinophyma?

As mentioned before, there is no proof that alcoholism is the reason for rhinophyma. However, one thing is that consuming excessive alcohol will worsen it. At the same time, it will cause enlargement of blood vessels. Yes, the blood vessels will get larger and let the blood flow more, which appears in the face, neck, and shoulders.

Also, the excessive alcohol drinker will get affected by rosacea. You can bring it under control via some tips. The chemicals present in the drinks will make the blood vessels open more than other alcoholic drinks.

How To Treat?

You ought to stop consuming red wine. That’s why it would be best if you stopped drinking alcoholic beverages. If you can’t stop drinking it, then you can get recommendations from the doctor. At the same time, you can take alcohol by diluting it well.

Also, you can use a moisturizer on the affected place.Most importantly, using soap that is made for sensitive skin alone suits you. When it comes to washing your face, never scrub hard, and gentle washing is always best. No matter what, to avoid other skin conditions, using sunscreen is a must, and you can apply it even when you are indoor.

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