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Beauty and youthfulness together with pleasant face features and well-tendance impress more than anything else. Only constant care and special attention to your appearance will give you unbelievable results, especially when you use quality services of ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery.

ADONIS clinics are the unique medical establishments with various directions for the highest level treatment of patients. The special offers for your beauty will satisfy any demand.

ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery ensure the qualitative treatment for different needs:

  • Blepharoplasty (circular, upper eyelids)
  • Otoplasty
  • Facelifting (forehead lift, two third of face lift, neck lift, middle part of the face lift)
  • Endoprosthetics (jawling, chin)
  • Bisha lumps removal
  •  Cheiloplasty

With qualified consultation of ADONIS beauty surgeons, you will have total confidence in the resulting effect. We use 3D modeling to consider the tiniest details of changes and improvements, when the highest class of precautions ensures your total safety. 

Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

ADONIS clinics are always ready to help people from the whole world to feel their real beauty and internal confidence. We provide well-developed Plastic Surgery Programs both Reconstructive and Aesthetic one. 

With the help of Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries we eliminate deformations, defects of tissues and organs, restore their functions using the newest plastic surgery methods. Such operations are developed for people who undertook bodily harm as a result of injury, illness, or with birth defects. 

ADONIS effective reconstructive surgery radically changes life into the bright side, it helps to regain the sense of life, to enjoy the fulfilled life and hide obvious defects which can degrade the whole state.

With the help of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries we improve some aspects of the appearance according to the patient’s request (always after specialized consultation with ADONIS plastic surgeon). Such kind of Aesthetic operations help to prolong youth appearance and feel the beauty at full, moreover it helps to get rid of emotional stress from the realization of their real or contrived imperfections. ADONIS services improve the quality of life fundamentally.

ADONIS staff of Beauty Doctors 

Qualification and experience of ADONIS Beauty staff is indisputable and strongly established. They work for the clients well-being with the whole dedication and impact. 

ADONIS Plastic surgeons are constantly in cooperation with their foreigner colleagues to be informed about the latest innovations in the sphere of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. In case of special urgency or complex treatment process, the individual case conferences are gathered to reach the one right meaning about the steps and processes needed to be carried out for a successful result. 

See for yourself the whole information about  ADONIS specialists on our website. 

Only highly personalized approach and usage of knowledge and long time experience – are the main postulates which are guided in ADONIS Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

Change your inner sense of self experiencing ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery. The highly skilled staff and variety of treatment options help thousands of people to make them feel comfortable in their own skin.


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