7 Fascinating Things to Do in Lombok Island

Published On September 29, 2020 | By Carol Gilmore | Featured

It was the waves that initially brought vacationers to Lombok, located centrally in the Indonesian island chain only a brief distance out of better-known Bali. Though the surf scene still flourishes, there is no scarcity of other attractions in or from the water. Here then, are the seven fascinating things to do on Lombok Island.

  1. Soak Up the Sun at Tangsi Beach

Lombok’s shores are universally adored because of their fine sand, and the bliss-inducing desert island seems, and there are many crowd-free stretches to select between. But for that extra sense of distinctiveness, you’re going to want to head to Tangsi Beach, one of just two pink shores in Indonesia. Here you may enjoy sunbathing on the oddly-hued sands before diving amid the offshore corals or even heading out on the sheltered bay from a kayak.

  1. Take a Scenic Hike at Mount Rinjani

Not only is Rinjani the 2nd most incredible mountain in Indonesia, but it is also an active volcano. Towering over the island around 3,726 meters high, a hike to its summit is a fantastic multi-day journey, taking in a different wonder. The crescent-shaped crater lake Segara Anak. But suppose you don’t fancy the long hike here. In that case, there is continuously Bukit Pergasingan, a hill that overlooks on Rinjani and the vibrant patchwork quilt of fields below.

  1. Island Hop at the Gili Islands

Offering two very different Lombok life pieces, by day Gili Trawangan — the largest of three islands — is a quiet beach getaway. Furthermore, as the sun goes down, the coast bars take to the end, offering live music and the strange dancefloor. By comparison, Gili Air can not boast about its nightlife but includes some highly-rated diving areas. At the same time, Gili Meno is a good bet if you’re eager to encounter a sea turtle.

  1. Enjoy the Sunset at Kuta Beach

Watching the sunset on Kuta is a relaxing thing to do in Lombok island. Lombok’s Kuta shore is less crowded than Bali’s shore of the same name. Lombok’s Kuta is a smaller and more relaxed version of Bali’s coast of the same name. Even though parasailing and banana boat rides are available, the main draw is the sunsets, which ignite the sea and sky with oranges, reds, and golds. The center of Lombok’s backpacking scene, Kuta, manages to keep its village feel regardless of the range of eating and drinking establishments. Giving the place an egalitarian atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

  1. Explore Tiu Kelep and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

Hiking to Tiu Kelep waterfall is a fun thing to do in Lombok. Discover the Tiu Kelep waterfall in the picturesque rainforest of North Lombok. Inspired by Lombok’s north’s emerald green jungle, Tiu Kelep is among the island’s many beautiful waterfalls. An hour gentle trek through the jungle from the village of Senaru, the cooling crystal clear waters dip 45 meters into a pool ideal for cooling off. Though only tumbling half the peak of Tiu Kelep, the waterfalls at Benang Kelambu are equally irresistible, with spectacular photo opportunities present from behind the curtain of water that is drinkable.

  1. Hike around Nature and History at Tanjung Ringgit

If you are seeking an outdoor thing to do in Lombok, hike to Ringgit. Hike at Tanjung Ringgit, among the best websites in Lombok, and enjoy the view. Hikers will love the trails around Tanjung Ringgit, among the best trekking websites on Lombok. On the island’s southern approaches, the route passes through lush fields and onto low cliffs. Offering endless views from the sea and Mount Rinjani, it is sometimes feasible to check down on turtles bobbing in the waves. While on the shore, you’ll come across defensive weapon emplacements and bunkers built by the Japanese during their occupation of this island in World War Two.

  1. Go Cave Exploring at Bangkang

The magnificent and rarely visited temples in Bangkang, pierced by daylight shafts, ought to be among any adventurous traveler visiting Lombok. The vast caverns below the floor, attained by precarious ladders, stretch up and all around you enjoy something from another world. Be warned; however, the caves are also home to a few thousand (rather smelly) bats belonging to seven different species. Head to the shelter just before sunset to witness them leave their roost for a night’s feasting.

Often overshadowed by Bali’s famous neighboring island, Lombok more than holds its own when it comes to things to do. In the underwater marvels of its corals into the peaks of Indonesia’s second-highest mountain, by way of its beaches, waterfalls, Sasak cultural heritage, and colonial heritage, Lombok rivals any island with its vast range of top-class attractions.

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