Things To Know Before Taking An At-home Pregnancy Test

Published On December 29, 2017 | By George Allen | Health

Home pregnancy tests have surely brought a great deal of freedom and convenience to women. It is a path-breaking invention in the sense of helping ladies know about their pregnancy even without visiting a doctor. Such tests are 99{7bf6e181f8854307ba64e2615c0cb747161a12d9173f08e664bd276e999d3c5c} accurate, can be taken anytime from the comfort of the home and any doubts over pregnancy removed within seconds. The tests are very helpful for those women who want self-dependence in detecting their pregnancy. However, there are certain things to know before taking this at-home test to get desired results and clarity.

Women taking an at-home pregnancy test should know a few things before, including –

The test measures pregnancy hormone in the urine

You should know that these at-home tests measure a hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. This hormone is produced only when the placenta is developed and the embryo is implanted in the uterus. The kit will have a paper of fiber strip with certain chemicals to react with the hormone and create a color to fetch a positive or negative sign. This is how women can easily know whether they are pregnant.

The accuracy will depend on the right time of use

You should know that the accuracy of the test relies on the right time and day of taking the test. The best time to test is two weeks after a missed period. Taking the test too soon may give a negative result. This is why it matters for women to keep a track of their cycle and take notes to stay abreast of changes in the body.

Mornings are the best time to take the test

Although the test can be taken any time of the day, chances of getting the best results improve when it’s done in the morning. Similarly, the concentration of hCG hormone is usually at its strongest in early morning period but their presence is all through the day. Based on results achieved by many women, it’d be safe to say that you should choose the morning period to get yourself tested for pregnancy.

The test is easy and simple to take

Women should not feel any worry over the test as it’s easy and non-intrusive in nature. No pregnancy test would hurt however each will have a different method to follow and thus, you have to trust the manufacturer’s guide for that. In general, the test requires to hold the stick under a stream of urine, or dip the stick into a cup filled with urine, or use a dropper to apply a few drops of urine onto the strip for results. Beyond that, there is no rocket-science involved!

Results will depend on the testing and pregnancy

If you did not use a pregnancy test kit as prescribed by the manufacturer, you would not be able to get accurate results. The results could be inaccurate for either testing too early or not having right hCG levels in the urine. In such cases, re-testing can clear the doubts and ensure superior accuracy.


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