How To Start Crossfit Workout The Right Way?

Published On November 22, 2017 | By George Allen | Health

Crossfit is a high intensity exercise program that uses a person’s body weight for resistance and to build power. It is a great form of strength and conditioning workout. In fact, lately it has picked up quite a momentum all across the world. There is a whole community of Crossfit New York enthusiasts that is growing and thriving today.

If you are a newbie to the crossfit trend and want to start out, here is how you can do so.

  • Sign Up with a Crossfit Training Studio

There are many crossfit training studios coming up in the cities. A few of them might just be down the block for you. You can just sign up with one of these and start your crossfit training. These studios are a best bet because they have trained professionals to keep an eye on you. They will be around to help you attain the best posture for your body during exercise to minimize risk of injuries. They would also be able to understand your capacity and create a regimen that is best suitable for you. They would motivate you and keep you going in a good way.

  • Create your Own Crossfit Program

If you are not ready to join a training studio and want to create your own program then you first need to understand some basic terminology.

There is something called rep, set, and WOD. A rep is one repetition of a movement. So, say 10 squat reps would mean 10 squats. A set is a group of reps. So 1 set can be of 10 squat reps. This number can be set by you. A WOD stands for workout of the day which will include a certain number of sets of certain reps.

Once you have this clear, the next thing you should do is start with identifying the movements that you are comfortable with. The ones that feel like no effort at all should be the starting point. Keep the harder ones for latter.

Then you need to design one session for yourself. Here you have to decide how many sets of many reps will you be doing for each exercise. So, say you may want to start with 10 squats, 10 bench press, and 10 lunges in the first session. So, you would have 1 set of squats, 1 set of bench press, and 1 set of lunges in 1 session. The amount of rest time between each set or each session should depend on your body’s ability to recover. However, do not keep rest times to be very long.

In the beginning do not add any weights. As you progress, you can start adding weights gradually. Also remember to listen to your body. Do not overdo any exercise since it can lead to injuries that might put you out of action for a long time. For people who want to take it to the next level, you can add weights or bars to the workout.


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