Negative Effects of Suhagra

Published On March 6, 2018 | By George Allen | Health

Suhagra is a popular Viagra in India and there are many patients with the erectile dysfunction (ED), who have recovered after taking ED treatment with the Suhagra. The negative effects of Suhagra are not life threatening one. The negative effects are tolerable, and you can avoid them if you take Suhagra as per instructions from your doctor. It is advisable to read Suhagra reviews on trusted online medicinal blog and review channels.

Negative Feedback from the Competitors

Pharmaceutical industry is a most profitable business and there is internal and global competition taking place every day. When some life saving medicines have discovered after long clinical research and testing, it must be out for global sales for the well being of humanity. The Viagra is one of such medicinal product, which is still in competition. The Viagra generic like the popular Suhagra do face internal competition and they propagate negative feedback over the internet as real-time patients.

  • A medical shop keeper may lie with a negative feedback to sell other generic products.
  • A medical rep with similar product will canvas a higher commission with a sexologist to sell their products.
  • The competitors simply write fake Suhagra reviews online with some major side effects.
  • The underground medicinal market may sell fake Suhagra that will cause side effects.

ED Patients Consuming More Suhagra

Many of the ED patient’s wishes to recover soon from their present state of erectile dysfunction and take more than one Suhagra 100mg tablet a day. This is not save as you doctor itself have prescribed daily one tablet under ED treatment. If a Suhagra 100mg is not available, he can take two 50mg Suhagra. But consuming more than the prescribed quantity of Suhagra will lead you to get head ache.

Do Not Consume Suhagra if you are Naturally Potent

An ED patient after getting ED treatment with Suhagra will get well soon. He can have a normal erection later on. Still many of them consume this tablet for strong and hard erection. This kind of wrong gumption will lead you to prolonged erection, which is dangerous for your male genital.

Suhagra for Sale is with Prescription Only

Retail medical Store

The Cipla pharmaceutical has come with Suhagra distribution in retail medicinal shops, as with prescription only drug. Yet, a patient can get from more than one shop and might have given to his friends or family members as sex boosting tablets. In such case the men who consume them will get upset stomach.

Online Pharmacies

The ED patients can buy and stock Suhagra by online shopping form different e-stores. Anyone can take them and use to see how it is working. This will cause them facial flushing. It is not advisable to stock them as they will be in supply for treating Ed patients.

Suhagra is to treat male sexual dysfunction only, and it is not a male sex booster tablet. Anyone who consumes with wrong gumption may face some side effects. If you find ED, it is advisable to consult with a sexologist and take ED treatment.


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