How Medical Crowdfunding is Empowering this Farmer with Quality Healthcare

Published On March 6, 2018 | By George Allen | Heatlh Care

The extent to which India has managed to advance its medical technology over the last few years is commendable. Medical tourism flourishes here as patients even from far more developed countries fly down to get the treatments they need. Some of the world’s best doctors reside in India’s metropolitan cities. Quality of healthcare has soared remarkably over time.

And yet, a staggering number of India’s households can barely afford a single blood test, a process that is paramount to diagnosing most diseases. Healthcare is a ridiculously expensive affair in the country. Being able to afford or even find access to regular check-ups is a luxury for a majority of India’s villages and rural areas. Most low income patients simply learn to live with their disease, allowing it to worsen over time and some inevitably succumb to the condition.

As more individuals developed concern for the issue, an ideal solution became available. In the past decade, more underprivileged patients have begun taking charge of their situation through medical crowdfunding.

This farmer’s niece discovered crowdfunding and changed his life

When Patha’s uncle, Krishna needed a hip replacement, the bright girl knew she had to take things into her own hands. Krishna was a humble farmer, the only one in his family who brought food to the table, and had no way of affording the procedure that would cost their family Rs 3 lakhs. His meagre income could barely afford his children’s education, let alone take on the expense of a medical treatment.

Patha knew the family couldn’t afford the burden of a loan and had few assets they could sell for funds. After combing through the internet for risk-free solutions, she learnt about crowdfunding India. The first Indian website she found was Impact Guru’s medical crowdfunding platform. Upon scrolling through the countless other fundraisers that had successfully raised funds for similar cases, she created a fundraiser for Krishna.

Patha was able to begin raising funds for her uncle in minutes!

In a few simple steps, she was able to pen down his story, add imagery to help donors make an emotional connect and publish her fundraiser. Soon enough, she was spreading the word, sharing her fundraiser on social media and asking her family and friends to do the same. In two weeks, she has raised over Rs 13,000 already, a huge sum for their family.

The medical crowdfunding industry has been crucial in helping lakhs of needy patients pay for the necessary treatments they need. Though crowdfunding initially began as a way to encourage the ordinary employee to spark a social change, platforms expanded to take medical causes under their wing, and now over 50{7bf6e181f8854307ba64e2615c0cb747161a12d9173f08e664bd276e999d3c5c} of funds raised in the country are for emergency medical situations, chronic illnesses like cancer and organ failure.

If you know someone who is struggling to pay for their medical needs, turn to crowdfunding today and empower them!

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